Guideline for "Third Party Fund Transfer" through Internet Banking System

Add Payee Maintenance

Click Payee Maintenance under menu Customer Services. The following page will be displayed.

a. Click Add New to register a new payee as below.

i)      Type User Reference No. as per your chose (ex. Landlord)
ii)     Type the Payee Name (ex. Rafiq Saheb)
iii)     Type the 16 digit payee Account Number (ex. 0101104000004768 instead of 101.104.4768 -> add
        one 'zero' before 1st 3 digit segment and required number of zeros before the last segment to make altogether 16 digits)
iv)     Enter the Payment Details (ex. House rent).

b. Click Submit and then Confirm to proceed with the payee registration.

c. Click Another Request to add another payee in the list.
d. Wait for 5 minutes for activation.
e. Now you can choose this account number in the list of "Beneficiary" during "Third Party Transfer" process.

Third Party Transfer

Click Third Party Transfer menu for initiating a fund transfer (maximum Tk. 20,000/- per instance) from your account
to a registered account ( registered by "Payee Maintenance" as Mentioned above). The following page will be displayed:

i)    Select the "Source Account " from a list of your account(s)
ii)    Select the "Beneficiary " from the list of registered accounts
iii)    Enter the "Transfer Amount " (ex. 2000)
iv)    Enter the "Transfer Description" (ex. For purchasing books)
v)    Click on "transfer" and then on "Confirm" buttons.