Electronic Banking

Core Banking

Dutch Bangla Bank has been using world famous Core Banking Solution, Flexcube Retail (FCR) and Flexcube Corporate (FCC) from the house of Oracle Corporation since 2004. In the course of time, the bank has grown very large. The mass people of the country has put their trust, faith and confidence on Dutch Bangla Bank, the technology being one of the most important factors in doing so. The Dutch Bangla Bank management, officers and executives are well concerned about it and trying to meet their expectations. Dutch Bangla Bank has never allowed the interest of its valued clients to fall. Considering these, the Dutch Bangla Bank management has decided to upgrade its Core banking Solution from FCR & FCC to Flexcube Universal Banking Solution, FCUBS 11.2.

Though it is being termed as an upgradation, it was actually a full Implementation. A core team comprising of 18 best resources of the bank from different branches and of various discipline (e.g., General Banking, Credit, Foreign Trade etc.) was formed. They were assisted by an equally numbered strong technical team of IT division. Both the teams have worked united months after months day and night under a project. Every module, every functionality has been explored and matched with bank's requirements. All the products and services rendered by the bank have been parameterized, configured and tested. Dummy End of Day (EOD), End of Quarter (EOQ), Half year-end, Year-end processes have been run in the User Acceptance Test (UAT) cycle. At the end, the project is in live operation since August 2012. With this upgradation Dutch Bangla Bank is able to serve its valued clients even better and it has given Dutch Bangla Bank a technological advantage over other banks in the country.

The upgraded FCUBS has some added features. To name few of them, the first is the uninterrupted ATM service. The ATM service is not required to be stopped during 24 hours of the day, not even during End of Day (EOD) processing. The next is its flexibility of defining product parameters which has given the bank the ease to design new products.

Oracle Flexcube has following Key Technical Capabilities

  • 24/7 processing of large transaction volumes, with high availability.
  • Multiple delivery channel support, including branches, ATMs, point-of- sale terminals, call centers, mobile devices, and internet banking.
  • An XML Web-based user interface with context-sensitive help.
  • Security management covering application and role-based access.
  • Online validations and automated exception processing.
  • Centralized, decentralized, and combination deployments.
  • Ease of integration with existing systems using flexible Java Platform, Enterprise Edition technology.
  • Operational risk management controls, including limits, collateral, and nonperforming assets

This software facilitates a customer to do all his banking transactions from any of our branches. Since 2004, all the new branches are opened with the online connectivity from the very first day of operation.