Electronic Banking

Debit Cards


Dutch Bangla Bank is the market leader in Debit Cards. All Dutch Bangla Bank debit cards gives you unlimited and free access to all Dutch Bangla Bank ATMs and POS nationwide. There are no transaction or hidden costs associated with Dutch Bangla Bank cards and accounts. By default, when opening a Dutch Bangla Bank account, all clients will receive the Dutch Bangla Bank Nexus Classic card.

A debit card is more advanced than a credit card. Dutch Bangla Bank Debit cards also have more features than credit cards. Dutch Bangla Bank Debit cards are also more secure, convenient and cheaper than any credit card or debit card in the market. Debit cards can withdraw money from your account directly while a credit card has to issue a 'loan'.

Dutch Bangla Bank debit cards except Instant Card come with the client's photo printed on it and requires a secret PIN verification by the client. A credit card only requires a signature (which can be forged) and no PIN verification for a transaction. That is why, for day-to-day banking, Dutch Bangla Bank recommends debit cards. Each card comes with a PIN number which must be protected at all times by the client. The PIN number is used as a password for withdrawing cash at Dutch Bangla Bank ATMs and accessing Dutch Bangla Bank banking services.

All Debit Cards (For details Please click on each card)

Cards Credit limit
Dutch Bangla Bank Nexus Silver 50,000
Dutch Bangla Bank Nexus Gold 50,001 to 20,00,000
Cards ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit per day Cash Withdrawal limit per day from Branch POS
Nexus Classic 50,000 50,000
Nexus Silver 50,000 50,000
Nexus Gold 50,000 50,000
Nexus Maestro 50,000 50,000
Nexus Visa Electron 50,000 50,000
Nexus MasterCard Debit 50,000 50,000

*All cards can execute upto 5 rapid consecutive ATM transactions per day. This protects your security and protects your card from ATM machine abuse.