SME Banking

Dutch Bangla Bank Smart Term-Loan

Purpose To meet up seasonal working capital requirement during different festivals like Eid, Puja, Hal-Khata, etc. and urgent working capital requirement of Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd's existing client
Target Customers Existing Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd clients (time tested clients and strongly recommended by Branch
Loan Amount Minimum TK. 100,000/-
Maximum TK. 10,000,000/-
(Minimum and maximum limit including existing loan limit)
Interest Rate(Floating) Clean : @20.00%
Collateralized : @17.00%
Processing Fee Nil
Renewal/ Enhancement Fee Not applicable
Tenure Short term up-to 6 months
Tenor of festival loan must be within the tenor of existing loan
Overdue charge Additional 3% p.a. on overdue amount
Collateral security Cross-collateralized of all securities against all loans availed by the client
Eligible Entrepreneur /Owner Nationality: Bangladeshi by birth
Festival loan will be provided only to the existing clients of Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd