Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agent Banking?

Agent banking is a 100% secured new banking process where every transaction is completed by verification of customers' Finger-Print through Biometric Machine. It is regulated under the recent guidelines issued by Bangladesh Bank.

What is Biometric Account?

Biometric Account is an account opened by the customer registering his Finger-Print at DBBL nominated Agent Banking Point.

What are the features of DBBL Biometric Account?

- 100% safe & secured transaction system by detecting Finger-Print through Biometric Machine - Real time Online Banking System - available anytime anywhere in the country.
- Interest facility on deposited amount
- A unique system for savings of money

Where to register Biometric Account under Agent Banking?

Customer can register Biometric Account from any Agent Banking Point authorized by DBBL. Customer can also register from any DBBL branches and Fast Tracks.

What are the necessary documents for registering Biometric Account?

- Duly filled-in KYC Form (Forms are available at nominated Agent points)
- Photograph of the Account holder and the nominee
- NID or any other acceptable ID with Photograph.

How to register Biometric Account?

- Customer fills up the KYC form (account opening form) and submit to a DBBL nominated Agent along with his/her Photograph & NID, and photograph of his/her nominee
- Agent verifies the documents of the customer and inserts the NID number into Biometric Machine
- Agent registers the Finger-Print of the customer through Biometric Machine.
- Finally the Account will be authorized by the Bank Official after verifying the documents. You will get a text sms after authorization, if your mobile number is provided in the account opening form.

How much initial deposit is required?

Customer can open a Biometric Account under DBBL Agent Banking with an initial deposit of Taka 10/- (Taka ten) only.

Can I deposit and withdraw money immediately after registration?

You can deposit money immediately after registration. However, you can withdraw after your account is approved. Bank Official verifies the information on the KYC form and authorizes the account. Normally 1-2 working days are required for full approval. However, customer will get an "Account Card" mentioning Account Number and other information immediate after opening of a Biometric Account.

How and where to get ATM Card?

You can collect an ATM Card from "Rocket & Agent Banking Office" situated in respective district (where you have opened the account) after approval of the account. An amount of Tk. 230/- with VAT will be deducted from the account as annual charges for ATM Card. But no fee/charges is applicable for withdrawal from ATM & Fast Tracks.

How is DBBL Agent Banking secured?

DBBL Agent Banking is 100% secured, as the system preserves the customer's signature along with Finger-Print and each transaction will be completed after verification of customer's Finger-Print through Biometric Machine.

How to deposit money?

- Customer tells his Biometric Account Number and hands over the cash to Agent
- Agent will insert the account number and amount into the machine
- Agent will issue a deposit receipt to the customer
- System sends an SMS to the Customer about the transaction (if mobile number is given)

What is Biometric Deposit Plus Scheme (DPS)?

Biometric Deposit Plus Scheme (DPS) is a special type of savings product designed for the small savers who can save money on monthly basis. The amount to be deposited every month is Tk.100/- per month or it's multiple and the tenure is 3, 5, 8 or 10 years. An attractive interest rate is offered for this product. The monthly installment is realized automatically from the Biometric Savings Account of the customer.

What is Biometric Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR)?

Biometric Fixed Deposit (FDR) is a special type of Term Deposit product designed for the savers who are willing to deposit money for specific time period. The customer can open Biometric FDR for TK.10,000/- and above amount for 3, 6 & 12 months tenure. An attractive interest rate is offered for this product. The Biometric FDR will be opened by debiting the Biometric savings Account of the customer and at maturity principal amount along with maturity benefit will be credited to his/her Biometric Account. Cash transactions will not be allowed.

How will you send Foreign Remittance?

Remitter can send remittance from any nominated Exchange Houses of Dutch-Bangla Bank and other Bangladeshi Banks located all over the world. The remitted money will be transferred to the beneficiary's Biometric Account within 24-72 hours (in case of DBBL Exchange House - 24 hours). To avail this service, just provide the following information at the exchange houses:
- Amount
- Beneficiary's Name, Bank Name (Dutch-Bangla Bank) and Biometric Account Number

How beneficiary will withdraw money from the Biometric Account?

Remittance receiver will get sms notification once his account is credited. Then he can withdraw money from any of the DBBL Agent Banking Points, Branches, Fast Tracks or ATMs.

How to check your account balance/statement?

Customer has to go to Agent Banking Point to check account balance/statement. Agent will input the customer account number into Biometric Machine. Customer will verify the account number and then input his/her Finger-Print. System will show customer's balance/statement and agent will inform the customer.

Shall I get interest on Biometric Account?

Biometric Account holder will get interest on his/her credit balance on half-yearly basis at a specific rate of interest (currently 3% per annum).

What's are the Fee & Service Charges of Biometric Account?
Category Own Territory Other Territory
Registration Fee Free Free
Deposit at Agent Banking Point Free Free
Withdraw at Agent Banking Point Free 0.50% of withdrawal amount
Deposit/Withdraw at DBBL Branches/Fast Tracks Free Free
Withdraw from DBBL ATM Free Free
Fund Transfer (P2P) Free 0.25% of transferred amount
Balance Inquiry Free Free
Disburse Remittance (in Biometric Account) Free Free
Disburse Salary (in Biometric Account) Free Free
What's are the limits of Biometric Account at Agent Point (for customer)?
Deposit/Withdraw (nos)
ATM Txn.
P2P (nos)
Max. 2 times
Max. 5 times
Max. 5 times
Per Txn.
Deposit Amount
Withdrawal Amount (per day)
ATM withdrawal amount
P2P Amount
Max. Tk. 2,00,000/-
Max. Tk. 50,000/-
Max. Tk. 20,000/-
Max. Tk. 1,00,000/-
Per day
ATM withdrawal
Max. Tk. 50,000/-
Deposit Amount
Withdrawal Amount
P2P Amount
Max. Tk. 20,00,000/-
Max. Tk. 10,00,000/-
Max. Tk. 10,00,000/-


Customers will be registered first to get any Agent Banking services

registration Registration Service

DBBL's nominated outlets can receive money against registered account

registration Cash-Deposit Service

Account holders can withdraw money from nominated outlets

registration Cash-Withdraw Service

Account holders can withdraw money from any DBBL ATM

registration ATM-Withdraw Service

Account holders can inquire their balance from Sub-Agent Points.

registration Balance Inquiry Service

Account holders can inquire their Statement from nominated outlets

Utility Providers can collect their bills from their consumers.

registration Bill Payment Service

One customer can transfer money to other account

registration P2P Service

Biometric Deposit Plus Scheme (DPS) is a special type of savings

Biometric Fixed Deposit (FDR) is a special type of Term Deposit