Person to Person Transfer

As an Agent Banking customer you can use P2P (person to person) fund transfer which is also a very popular service from Dutch Bangla Bank Agent Banking.

Fund Transfer (P2P) through Sub-Agent/Teller:

  • Customer comes to Sub-Agent/Teller Point for fund transfer; inform customer account number, destination account number and amount.
  • Sub-Agent/Teller Log-in to Portal/e-POS /m-POS terminal by using Password/PIN.
  • System will verify device MAC ID and will allow login
  • Sub-Agent/Teller Initiates P2P transaction
  • Input source account (customer) number
  • Input destination account number
  • Input amount
  • Customer will verify the destination account number and amount and then Input Customer FP
  • System will debit customer account and credit destination account
  • Customer (sender/receiver) will be notified/ Printed slip will be provided.

Overall process of fund transfer is as follows


Customers will be registered first to get any Agent Banking services

registration Registration Service

DBBL's nominated outlets can receive money against registered account

registration Cash-Deposit Service

Account holders can withdraw money from nominated outlets

registration Cash-Withdraw Service

Account holders can withdraw money from any DBBL ATM

registration ATM-Withdraw Service

Account holders can inquire their balance from Sub-Agent Points.

registration Balance Inquiry Service

Account holders can inquire their Statement from nominated outlets

Utility Providers can collect their bills from their consumers.

registration Bill Payment Service

One customer can transfer money to other account

registration P2P Service

Biometric Deposit Plus Scheme (DPS) is a special type of savings

Biometric Fixed Deposit (FDR) is a special type of Term Deposit

Use DBBL authorized Exchange House to receive remittance with 1% extra bonus

Use DBBL Agent Banking Biometric Account to receive salary without any cost